Woven Song Circles are a soulful way to explore your voice and 'remember' how to sing within a safe, supportive group.


The creation of Woven was born from a shared longing for cultural connection through song. Desire for an accepting place for people from all walks of life to gather and sing, with no auditions, no performance pressure or prior experience required.


Group singing has many health benefits including improved mental health, emotional well-being, respiratory function and social connection.


Woven Song Circle's philosophy is that if you can speak, you can sing!

As humans we innately use our voice, melody and rhythm to express ourselves, nurture loved ones and connect with others.

You are no different. 


You come from a long ancestral lineage of musical beings. 

You have a story to tell ~ a song to sing! 


Come join in circle and sing it with us.


  Feminine Seasonal Circles  

Woven Song Circles run a monthly singing community in Mapleton in tune
with the seasons.

Tree of life

  Vocal Workshop Events  

Woven Song Circles are available for bookings to facilitate vocal workshops at your retreat, womens circle or event.

"Hollie, your enthusiasm and joy is contagious but at the same time you have the knack of relaxing us into believing singing is our natural birthright and we can trust our bodies and not overthink it all! "

~ Alison 

"Such a beautiful afternoon of sharing, thank you. We all need more connection, sharing, play, song, dance, laughter and tears in our life otherwise it is a grey world."

"I recently invited Woven to facilitate morning song activations at the annual Warrior Goddess Retreat in Glass House Mountains. The space held by Hollie & Kerrie was incredible. With ease and grace they were able to encourage full participation by all of the women on retreat and gifted them the ability to open their throat chakra and be heard, felt and seen. The gift of this is still rippling a beautiful healing through the lives of some of the women as they remember the power of their voices. Thank you for bringing such an incredibly powerful experience into our retreat week-end."

Jo Goddard ~
ImHER Womens well-being


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