Rediscover your voice...


Vocal Play is the name given to my voice studio in Mapleton, which I offer 1:1 singing sessions.

My approach to exploring voice involves an alchemy of practices learnt from my own vocal journey and learnings from multidisciplinary perspectives largely influenced by

Somatic Voicework, The LeVetri Method and the field of music therapy.


From lived experience I understand that sharing your voice with others can be vulnerable. After all, our instrument when we sing is our body and there is no hiding.

Like many things in life ~ where there is vulnerability, there is power.

The human voice is an incredible innate, ancient and primary tool for expression, connection to self & others.


If you have desire to learn about your voice, open it, expand it, heal old wounds,

sing without tension, express freely or increase connection with your audience ~ I have support to offer.

Singing sessions are tailored and attuned to your unique needs and vocal goals,

that may include (but not limited to):

  • Increase confidence

  • Stamina

  • Broaden range

  • Improve breath support

  • Increase volume, strength and stability

  • Minimise tension

  • Allow emotional expression

  • Find your unique sound

  • Therapeutic vocal release

  • Vocal practice for self-care

  • Improve vocal health


Depending on where you are at, there are two offerings for voice sessions ~ See below

  • 1 hour voice session focused upon Somatic VoiceWork Principles.

    90 Australian dollars
  • 1.5 hour voice session for those who wish to go gently and with depth.

    150 Australian dollars


If it's a nice day we can set up outside & sing amongst the trees!