Woven Song Circles: Algonquin Water Song

This video snippet was taken from our first circle in January 2020. We sang the beautiful lullaby and global healing song: 'The Algonquin Water Song' -

Woven Song Circles: Melodic Mantra Manifestation

A melodic mantra written by Hollie Morris with intent to embody positive affirmation and voice desires using the power of language & song.

Woven Song Circles: Triad Group Harmonising

This vocal exercise involves vocal toning (holding a single note), embodied music theory and deep breathing. Each voice contributes to a larger collective sound - as a group we are singing a major chord!

Woven Song Circles #Singthewatersong

Woven answered the call of the Algonquin Water Song. 

Full acknowledgment, respect and credit given to Grandmother Nancy and the Wawatie and Commanda families who created and shared this traditional song with us all. Visit original site.