Vocal Play Workshop

An introductory level vocal workshop delivered over a 4-week block.

  • Started 13 Apr
  • 111 Australian dollars
  • Mapleton hall, 31 Obi Obi Road, Mapleton 4560


This vocal play workshop has been designed to introduce singers to vocal technique based on Somatic Voicework principles. It will be delivered in a small group setting, giving opportunity for both individual and group journeying into vocal pedagogy. WHEN: Tuesday evenings 13th April- 4th May (6pm - 7:30pm) Workshop includes: - A deep dive into the mechanics of the human voice - Learnings of vocal registers and specific exercises for practice - Experiential learnings of breath-work and correct breath technique - Vocal health - Exploration of repertoire and integrating technique into songs - Opportunity to explore stage craft, mic technique and presence for performance. A course booklet will be provided with key information and resources for future use. The group will be of five people (maximum) and everyone will choose a song to explore. We will learn together how to apply technique to repertoire and expand emotional expression when singing. Who is this workshop designed for? 1. Those who love to sing who are open to exploring their voice within a small group. The experience will predominantly be group singing but opportunity to sing solo will be offered to those who feel ready. 2. Singers (calling all shower, karaoke, party, open mic or gigging singers) who want to learn about vocal technique to improve stamina, range and control of their voice. 3. Singers who want to 'open' their voice further, uncover their unique sound and build confidence in their relationship with their voice. Interested participants please sign up and I will be in touch with a schedule and further information. Any queries please sing out! Hollie

Workshop includes the following dates:

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