Therapeutic Voice Expression Session

1.5 hour voice session for those who wish to go gently and with depth.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Home Studio


It is common for painful past experiences, critical beliefs and low self-worth to impact our degree of openness to sing out loud. The human voice provides a channel of expression that when blocked often mirrors hurts connected to embodying personal power and unapologetic self-expression. Do you hold limiting beliefs about your voice from something hurtful someone said once or that you yourself have concluded? Beliefs born from flippant comments from others like, "you can't sing", "don't quit your day job", "what you have to say does not matter", "shut up" or "no one wants to hear you". Maladaptive beliefs can be internalised from experiences where your voiced truth was not received, experiences of trauma around 'speaking up' or communicating your needs to others. Whatever your experience, much of the heaviness we carry has occurred unconsciously and shows up as tension in our body and restriction in our voice. These expression sessions are designed to create a safe space to gently unravel these unhelpful beliefs. To learn to tune into your body and breath to ultimately rewrite the script and step out the way of yourself and your amazing voice that's within. As a therapist, I intend to hold space for you to explore vocally by drawing from music therapy techniques, East and West philosophies of voice and meditation to ground a sense of safety. As a singing teacher and vocalist, I infuse all practices with healthy and aligned vocal technique that honours the body by weaving principles from Somatic Voicework, the LeVetri Method. I have a beautiful home-studio space in Mapleton (indoor and outdoor sessions are available). If this resonates with you, please feel free to contact me to discuss further and start your healing journey towards open expression and joy through singing.

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