SPRING ~ into the light ~

Join Woven Song circles for the season of SPRING!

  • Starts 18 Sept
  • 65 Australian dollars
  • 31 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton


Woven song circle gatherings promote singing for well-being & self-care. SPRING INTO THE LIGHT First let's ponder... What teachings does the season of spring offer us? Eastern philosophies offer interesting insight into how best to support good health throughout ~ SPRING: ELEMENT: Wood (birth, expansion & new beginnings) EMOTION: Anger (our need to live authentically, grow and forgive) ORGANS: Liver (feeling 'stuck' can obstruct chi flow through the liver) VOICE: Belting, increased volume (vocal expressions of anger) Throughout the colder seasons we have taken time to slow down, nurture ourselves by staying warm and honouring the shorter darker days. We have tended to the seeds of our dreams, hopes and healing. Spring has now arrived bringing her warmth, sunshine and fertility, this is the season for these seedlings to blossom! Given the right conditions all flowers bloom, including YOU. Join us as we ease ourselves into Spring, awaken our voices to uplift our energy, that will assist the manifestation of abundance in our lives. The qualities of Spring are explored through a range of vocal experiences, improvisations and chosen songs. The group members will vote on the song selection! Spring's song list currently includes: 'We shall be known' by MaMuse, Thrive Choir 'Let it roll off your back' by Heather Pierson Sign up for the season of SPRING (18/09, 16/10 & 20/11). Sorry there are no refunds for unattended sessions. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Workshop includes the following dates:

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