Range Youth Choir

Hollie Morris leads Range Youth Choir in Mapleton, inviting all children aged 7-9 to sing for joy, learn about their voice and connect with others in the community through song.


Range Youth Choir explores voice through a somatic and playful approach to singing. 

As a singing teacher and qualified music therapist, Hollie's framework is holistic, strength-based and promotes psychosocial well-being and healthy singing technique.

What to expect:

The eight-week program focuses on supporting young singers to build confidence,

expand self-expression and increase prosocial behaviour with peers.

This is explored through a range of musical experiences including:

  • Providing opportunities for all individuals to speak, sing and make choices within the group

  • Creating an inclusive and supportive group environment by exploring teamwork through clapping/listening/rhythmic games, turn-taking and parachute singing.


The overall theme is based upon the environmental changes relevant to the seasons!

Although this program is primarily 'process orientated' rather than 'product'.

The group works towards a casual end of term sharing for families that gives young singers creative control and a sense of achievement.

No previous music or singing experience required.

Details for Term 2 ~ 2022:

Ages: Children aged 7-9 

Location: Mapleton Hall, 31 Obi Obi Rd

When: Thursdays 3:30-4:45pm

Term duration: 8 weeks

Term 2 dates: 28th April to 16th June

Per 8-Week Term: $150 

Limited spaces; Registrations for Term 2 close Monday 25th April 2022.

New comers are welcome!

Trial a casual class ($15) ~ Please contact Hollie to arrange.

Hollie is currently taking expressions of interest for older age groups, please register below.

Thank you!