Singing Sessions

Individual singing sessions are available from the age of 13 into older adulthood. These sessions are based on Somatic Voicework, providing guidance of singing technique and breath-work to help make advances towards personal singing goals. The age range is based on anatomy due to the maturation of the voice as the chest register emerges during adolescence. 

Remember that... It is never too late to learn to sing! - The voice actually enriches with age. 

Using your voice to express has many health benefits - You do not need to be a professional singer to experience them!


Many adults acquire unhealthy singing habits, such as holding tension in the body, constricting  the larynx and singing with no breath support, which can distort the sound of the unique voice and makes it impossible to openly self-express. Much of the underlying work in these sessions is about bringing the unconscious into consciousness, unlearning habits and instead learning how our instrument works by honouring the body's wisdom.

These sessions are $70 per hour, available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Shake it Up Music, 4/186 Currie St, Nambour.

As singing is a practice, requiring repetition to build neural pathways - like any other instrument. Most of my students book on a fortnightly basis so they can work on focus exercises and songs before returning to deepen their vocal progress. However, everyone’s motivation differs therefore the choice is yours whether you book in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or sporadically.  Please note that currently Wednesdays and Thursdays are my dedicated Vocal Play days at Shake it Up Music, therefore availability can be limited. Many take advantage of the ‘four pack’ to get a discount and book ahead to secure their preferred reoccurring time slot, which can be helpful as we will need consecutive sessions to engage in 'process' of uncovering your unique voice.  Any queries regarding this, please feel free to send me an enquiry.

For your first session, we just need some details. 

If you have been before, just go ahead and book.