Singing Sessions

Individual singing sessions are available from the age of 10 years into older adulthood. These sessions are based on Somatic Voicework, providing guidance of singing technique and breath-work to help make advances towards personal singing goals. 


Much of the underlying work in these sessions is about bringing the unconscious into consciousness, unlearning habits and instead learning how our instrument works by honouring the body's wisdom through playful singing.

These sessions are $70 per hour, available on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Shake it Up Music, 4/186 Currie St, Nambour.

As singing is a practice, requiring repetition to build neural pathways - like any other instrument. Most of my students book on a fortnightly basis so they can work on focus exercises and songs before returning to deepen their vocal progress. As everyone’s motivation differs  the choice is yours whether you book in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or sporadically.  

Bookings for January are available NOW

Please email Hollie for session time.