Feminine Seasonal Singing ~ Human Nature In Tune

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Woven Song Circles have been running monthly feminine singing circles since January 2020.

Over the years at our gatherings the community of women have discussed the healing available to us through connection with nature, our reciprocal relationship and how voice can facilitate healing of both

~ Women & Mother Earth ~

Our gatherings have evolved and now run in tune with the seasons to remind us of the innate bond we share and the powerful resources that are available to all at all times.

~ Our Body and Our Environment ~

What to expect:

Tropical Flower

When we take time to learn and notice the subtle changes of Mother Earth during the seasons, it provides a mirror to reflect on how the shifts are prevalent within ourselves.

Hollie leads the group through an exploration of the seasons through a range of vocal experiences such as: improvisations, breathwork, meditation, melodic mantras, voicework practices and chosen songs of the season. All of which are grounded in healthy vocal technique based on principles of Somatic Voicework, The LeVetri Method.

When you join us for a season, it encompasses three months:

First two monthly gatherings are at Mapleton hall and the last, we gather in a secret location to sing immersed in nature!

Hollie provides audio recordings of songs and parts for convenience so members can listen and practice between sessions.

An audio recording and some video snippets are collected from throughout the season and are creatively combined into a short video to document our journey (optional to be included).

Meet Kerrie 

Kerrie (left) is a singer, designer and creative. Kerrie loves to connect with people authentically. As a co-facilitator of Woven Song Circles, Kerrie brings soul, wholesome humour and always speaks & sings from the heart.

Hollie and Kerrie met at a local choir over three years ago and were instantly drawn to each other's creativity and playful spirit.

With instant harmonious song, it was like their voices remembered one another.

As friends and vocalists they co-write original songs and lead feminine community singing events through Woven Song Circles. 

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Who are these circles for?

We invite all feminine-identifying folk who are interested in exploring their voice as a tool for expression, emotional well-being, self-care and connection with community.


You do not need any experience, there is no audition! Come as you are.


Many women who join us have never sung in choirs before and even hold judgements about their voice that they are willing to release and rewrite with the support of this group.


These sessions are lead by music therapist and vocal teacher Hollie Morris. Hollie guides the group through somatic singing technique, breathwork and expressive singing experiences that have many health benefits. These benefits include vagus nerve toning (nervous system regulation), emotional expression, respiratory health support and community connectedness. Which all combat stress, improve mood and over-all physiological health & well-being.

We would love you to join us ~In community, circle and song.

Follow the link below to learn about the upcoming opportunity for feminine seasonal singing!





Together we weave our voices, stories, spirits and songs with the Earth.

~ We are Woven ~