Vocal Play

Vocal Play is built on the philosophy and power of 'play' in the rediscovery of the voice and its underestimated innate ability to make an incredible range of sounds. I find that taking a playful approach to vocal exploration disarms many pre-assumptions and limiting beliefs that are commonly held about the voice and by being open to playfulness we uncover exciting and surprising capabilities. Vocal Play voice sessions are heavily based on Somatic Voicework principles - The LeVetri Method, which offers an organised approach to voice training for Contemporary and Commercial Music (CCM) styles, through cultivating physical awareness and aural insight.


I understand that the voice can be a vulnerable instrument to share with the world and it is common for deep emotions and energetic blocks to manifest in the throat. My passion and expertise lies in helping people bring the unconscious mechanics of the voice into consciousness, which creates new neural pathways for an embodied and healthy singing practice. Through the process of opening, learning, unlearning and surrendering, many break-throughs can emerge from speaking up, raising your voice and voicing truth. I find that I often draw from my knowledge in psychology and music therapy to support my clients to feel safe to acknowledge what surfaces through the process. 

As every person is unique, so is every voice. Whether your goals are to learn vocal technique, broaden knowledge of vocal health, increase confidence, stamina, connection to body and breath, to sing for fun, for well-being or for a specific performance, Vocal Play sessions are designed to meet your voice and vocal needs.

Due to the how physiological changes that occur throughout life affect the voice, I've decided to focus my skills on working with young adolescents and adults of all ages. This typically invites people from 10 years-old due to the emergence of the 'chest register' in adolescence.