Circle of Sound

Circle of Sound is a feminine singing group that gather on the third Sunday of every month, 3-5pm at Mapleton Hall.


These intergenerational gatherings invite women and female-identifying individuals from all walks of life, from age 13. The circles were created to connect and empower women by raising our voices, harmonising together and having fun in a pressure-free environment. No singing experience is required for these events, it's about joining in circle to sing for joy, for well-being, connection to community and to our feminine sisterhood.

The group experience is very much based upon being playful with the voice and loosening rigidity by exploring funny, free and different sounds. The sessions have evolved since the start of 2020, each month is unique and we explore different songs from various cultures and the changing seasons. 

Circle of Sound offers a 'pay what you can' option, accepting contributions from a gold coin to $15, which you can provide at the door on arrival.

It's a beautiful way to share our hearts and gain the many benefits of singing and social connection.

If you have any questions please sing out! 

You can request to join our private Facebook group HERE