Hello, my name is Hollie and I live in Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast and it's my passion to offer voice-based music services to my community in Nambour and surrounding Hinterland areas.

My relationship with music began at an early age as I was raised by musician parents, my mum a jazz singer and my dad a guitarist. Although music has always been in my blood and I have been gifted a unique voice, during adolescence I found sharing my music and singing in front of others a terrifyingly vulnerable experience.

As a result I shied away from the spotlight for many years but through life experiences of travelling, learnings of love, loss and adventure, I found myself always returning to music like an old friend. Over years I built confidence by playing guitar and singing for friends, songwriting and eventually I  began performing fronting various bands as a vocalist. Through ups and downs in live music experiences, I felt uncertainty about how my voice was operating and it perplexed me how strong emotions would choke my voice instead of expressing openly... and a thirst for knowledge about the art of singing emerged. In 2015, I enrolled in a Diploma of Music focusing on voice as my primary instrument, however was left unsatisfied in understanding the depths of which I felt singing elicited. Through searching for answers I discovered the field of Music Therapy, an occupation that uses music to help others enhance their functioning and well-being across psychosocial, emotional and physical domains. I knew I had found my calling and it ignited a dedicated learning journey that included a Bachelor of Psychology at University of Sunshine Coast and a Masters of Music Therapy degree through the University of Melbourne.


Pivotal to my vocal expansion and understanding of the human voice was the completion of Level I, II & III of Somatic Voicework, The LeVetri Method in January 2019. This pedagogy combines current multi-disciplinary voice science with corresponding practical voice training for Contemporary and Commercial Music. This method catapulted my vocal ability and confidence, through this experience of empowerment I am passionate about sharing what I've learned. My approach is an alchemy of differing perspectives from psychology, music therapy studies and my own essence which embodies fun, spirituality and positivity.

My studies and personal journey has informed my philosophy of music as life, in its simplicities, complexities and fluidity, as an invisible thread that connects us all as human beings. I believe that everyone can sing, it is not reserved for musicians but a birth right to be reclaimed and it's an innate tool for creative expression and well-being. Our culture needs healing, opportunities for unity and a new narrative for the future, what better way than raising our voices and embracing the ancient medicine of music.